Friday, February 23, 2018

Coffee and Cocktails

Hey guys. I know it's been a few months, so I want to say thank you for being a loyal reader.

Remember last year I participated in the Day to Night Challenge hosted by Elizabeth from Elizabeth Made This? I made these cute little dresses? Well, Elizabeth invited me to participate again this year and I am so very honored! This year, it's really the same theme: Coffee and Cocktails. The idea is to make two dresses; one for coffee with friends and one for a night out sipping cocktails (or your evening beverage of choice). 

Here's a little teaser for you:

 Cute right?

Head on over to Elizabeth Made This to read the rest about these two wonderful patterns!

Until next time

Monday, December 11, 2017


Hi guys! I've been busy with family and holiday stuff. No time for sewing at all (sad face). I was able to sneak in some time to order a copy of Michelle's new magazine, Sewn Magazine. Let me just put my disclaimer out there right now: I am such a fan girl of anything that Michelle does. My style is so opposite of what she makes and I live vicariously through her makes. I wish I had the courage to rock some of the things that she makes. I'm just too traditional. Although, when I saw her pattern in her very first edition, I knew I had to make one for me. 

Enter: Monique Dress
Sizing is from SM-XXL. The pattern is designed for a very stretchy knit. 
When I first saw the line drawings for this pattern, I immediately thought of color blocking. I knew I wanted to do leather and I knew I wanted sexy. But I also wanted a classic look as well. So I decided to sew 2 of them. The pattern is so easy to do that I finished both in 2 days with only a few hours of sewing total. Let's talk about the sexy, sleeveless version.
So my daughter is a budding photographer and I love how she did my black and white photos.

The sexy version is made from Scuba Leather purchased at Fabric Mart Fabrics and Red Scuba Knit also purchased at Fabric Mart. When I think of leather, I think bad ass, outlaw. Initially I put in the sleeves with the black leather, but it was uncomfortable and not cute at all. So I quickly decided to go sleeveless and I quite like it. I simply shaved off about 1/4 off the cap of the sleeve and finished the sleeve head. 

Construction wise, it was super easy. I did have to take the sides in quite a bit, even though I sewed the smallest size. I am very straight up and down. I have absolutely no curves, however, I did want to appear a little curvy in this dress, so I took in the sides about another 3 inches each. After I looked at the photos, I really was stunned at how curvaceous I look! I like it! 
I got my hair braided a few weeks ago and the braids are a little too long. I really like this picture because it shows that I wanna let my hair down and feel free; free from judgement and non caring. Although in reality, the damn braids were all over the place.

Classic dress:
So I think I like this version the better of the two. I sewed it up in a black stretch velvet found at JoAnn's Fabrics. Velvet seems to be one of the fabrics of the season and I don't own anything in velvet, so it had to be. The same adjustments that I made with the first dress, were made with this dress as well.

Another goal of sewing this pattern in two different fabrics, is that I wanted to see just how different they would look and handle. This classic version is a lot more clingy to my body than the red and black version. I also feel different in this dress. I feel almost like a little princess, whereas in the leather version, I feel indestructible; superwoman-ish. The black velvet makes it very difficult to see the seam lines along the front and the back.

Overall, I love both dresses and I love this pattern. I have so many ideas on how to hack the pattern for future makes. It is a good base pattern to start with and a beginner can definitely make this. If you haven't ordered Sewn Magazine, you are missing out. I found so many cute little DIY projects and great articles where I have actually learned a few new things. I can't wait til the next edition comes out.

So tell me, which version do you like best?

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

North Point Trousers

Good morning friends! I know, I know, I know....I've been away all summer long. I've been on vacation and spending time with the family. Summers are always so hard to stay close to my sewing machine. I've just accepted that fact. It's ok though because I'm hanging out with friends and family and making memories in the process.

Anyways, the weather is getting cooler here in Chicago so for me, that means staying in a lot more (and more sewing time, yay!) To jump start me back into sewing, I accepted a test sew from the lovely Kennis over at Itch to Stitch. I just love her and her patterns!
I present to you her latest pattern: North Point Trousers.

North point Trousers Feature:
  • Classically sleek straight leg silhouette
  • Medium rise and curve through hip and thigh
  • Ankle length that can be lengthened or shortened
  • Contour waistband for a better fit
  • Streamlined front slanted pockets
  • Strong and durable back single-welt pockets
  • Fly front with zipper and double hook and bar closure
  • Use of stretch woven fabric for comfort
  • Layers feature (print only the sizes you need)

So let's talk construction. In my opinion, I have never made a more successful pair of pants as these. I actually made a muslin because I wanted them to actually fit me properly. I sewed a straight size 2. I did a flat seat adjustment (because I have no butt) and I shaved off about 1/2 inch off the crotch. I'm very happy with how my bum turned out but my crotch still needs a little work.
Speaking of butts and crotches...Let's discuss the welt pockets. Oh, why oh why do welt pockets give me such a hard time? I had 3.5 yards of this gorgeous fabric and I used all 3.5 yards of it. I messed up on these welt pockets 3 times before I just accepted a less than stellar pocket. They look ok, but I know I can do better. If you are interested, Kennis has a photo tutorial on how to do welt pockets. I did follow her tutorial, but I think that part of my problem was the fact that this fabric is a little lofty. I wanted a heavier weight pair of pants, because I tend to have cold knees in the winter and I hate being cold.

The fabric is Cotton/Poly/Lycra Twill purchased from Fabric Mart.!

It feels so good. I really wish I hadn't used all of this fabric because I had plans to make a matching blazer and of course, Fabric Mart is sold out of it. Boo! It's actually a darkish brown color, but of course its hard to capture the beauty of darker colored fabrics online.

The instructions were easy to follow. However, if I had to rate this pattern, I would rate it as Immediate due to the welt pockets. If you have ever made a pair of pants, you will be fine making these. I consider this pattern a staple for me. You will always need a good pair of slacks.

I highly recommend this pattern. I'm actually thinking about sewing another pair this weekend in a lighter weight fabric. I paired it with this thrifted top. This "top" was actually a dress once that didn't look very good. I simply cut it to my desired length and added elastic to the bottom for a blousy effect.

The pattern is on sale right now. So if you are thinking about
purchasing, I would highly suggest doing it while still on sale. You really can't go wrong with a pattern for a pair of slacks that fit great!

Until next time

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