Monday, April 24, 2017

Jumping for Joy!

Hello! I know it's been a while since I last blogged and I really don't have any excuse at all. Well...maybe I do. I somehow it a block. Have you ever not been able to come up with a good project to sew? I just could not figure out what I wanted to sew. I have multiple projects in my sewing que and some even started, but nothing really jumped out at me. I just did not have any motivation.

But then Kennis put out a test call for her next pattern. It seems like she is putting out a new pattern every other week! (I secretly love it)  I decided that the best way to get me back on the horse was to test her pattern for her. Not only will it result in a beautifully made item, it will also force me to start and complete a project. I got my sew-jo back, yall!!!!

I present to you my Anza Jumpsuit:
 I have a secret love affair with jumpsuits and rompers, and this pattern checked off all my requirements.
Anza jumpsuit is described as an unlined, front button V neck with cuffed sleeves. It comes in A, B, C, D and DD cups, sizes 0-20, pleated breast pockets with buttoned flaps. The most amazing thing about this pattern is that it can be made into a jumpsuit or a cute little dress.
The ankle length hems are elastic and the waist band is cinched by elastic. This jumpsuit can be dressed up or down depending on your shoes and accessories. It's all about the shoe game here! My jumpsuit is made with some light weight denim purchased at JoAnn Fabrics. It was listed as a light weight denim, but it feels more like a cotton. It breathes well and is the perfect weight for this garment.

So let's talk about changes that I made. Usually when I make Kennis' patterns, I don't have to make many changes. This pattern was no exception. I didn't even shorten the leg length. I like how the pants legs "bunch" up at the bottom paired with the elastic. I cut a size 2, which is my usual for her patterns and the fit is spot on.
The instructions were very clear and concise. I do have plans for at least 2 more versions. I do want to make a summer dress from this pattern and another jumpsuit. Another tester did a black version that was totally stunning. For my next jumpsuit version, I will probably grade the hips in a little bit. I'm not quite as curvy as the pattern, or as I would like to be. LOL

All in all I give the pattern an A+. I think a beginner could definitely work their way through this pattern successfully.
Anza jumpsuit and dress is on sale right now until the end of this week.

Until next time

Saturday, February 4, 2017

70's Style

Good afternoon friends. I hope your week was as enjoyable and productive as mines. I've been working crazy overtime hours lately because my sweet little youngest daughter is graduating from 8th grade this May and she has a lot of expenses coming up soon. With all that being said, I didn't get as much sewing done this week as I would have liked.

Today's post is about 2 items that I finished a few weeks ago.
The top is Vogue 8772 and the bottoms are Simplicity 8058.
So, just 1 year ago, I made a 70's type jumpsuit. This top and pants ensemble really makes me think that I was made to live in the 70's era. I love everything about 70's fashion; the polyester, the big afros and even the dancing!

 So let's talk about the pants for a second here. The pattern is a Cynthia Rowley collection and is described as a flared knit pant.
Sizing is from 4-20, but let me caution you, I cut a size 10 and I just barely have enough room. Next time I'll size up in the hips. I used a black scuba knit that was purchased from the Textile Outlet, here in Chicago. I really love a nice pair of wide leg pants. The pattern also has a skirt and jacket to match. Scuba knit is really lofty and warm. This was my first time sewi

Overall, the instructions were good. I omitted the button band across the waist and shortened the length by my usual 2 inches. Fit-wise, it's pretty close to perfect. The crotch length fit straight out of the envelope. My only complaint is the funky lines under my butt. However, they aren't a deal breaker for me.
Lastly, the next pair that I make, I'll insert an invisible zip. Not sure why this pattern called for a regular zipper, but whatever. Oh and because the scuba knit does not fray, I left the hems undone. (it gives it character)!

My pussy bow blouse:
I had been wanting a make a blouse like this for a while. Vogue 8772 is described as a fitted blouse that has a collar, sleeve and hem variations, French darts and narrow hem. I did view B. The fabric is from Fabric Mart (sorry sold out!). It is a poly blend and has a really great hand; easy to sew and even easier to press. I purchased this fabric a while ago as a precut bundle. If my memory serves me right, it was super cheap; like $9.00 for 3 yards (who does that?!) I love Fabric Mart.
Sizing is from 6-22 and I cut a size 6 and absolutely no alterations. The fit is awesome and it pairs well with the pants. Excuse the above pic. Not sure what I was doing but it gives you a good close up of the top.
The combination of the top and pants is a good match. I'll be ready for whomever decides to throw a disco party!
Until next time

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Goodnight/Good day

Hello friends! I hope you guys are having a great week so far.

It's pretty unusual for me to blog or take pics in the middle of the week like this, but I have far too many finished projects that I need to put on my blog and I'm kinda getting behind in my blogging. So that's the reason behind today's blog post.

For 2017, I made a mental note that I not only needed to spice up my casual wardrobe, I also need to spice up my intimates wardrobe. A few weeks ago, I posted a bra and panties set that I made and since then I have probably made....hmmm...maybe 6 or 7 more bras (?) Not all of them will be blogged about (sorry). Anyways, I am infamous for wearing just a basic t-shirt to bed. I'm a mom and I still work full time so being comfy usually takes precedence over being cute or sexy. But while in JoAnn's one day, I saw a really cute print that I couldn't pass up.
 So have you ever been in a fabric store and saw a certain fabric and immediately knew a pattern that would fit that fabric? That was me! The pattern is Vogue 8888 view C and shorts are view F. The fabric is a pink and black, poly/ silky fabric. I have no idea what exactly it is but I can tell you that I must have some spandex in it. My favorite color is pink and I'm a secret lover of polka dots.
The pattern itself was pretty straightforward. I cut a size 6 in the top and a size 8 for the shorts. So, in comparison to the pattern envelope and the instructions, I did make a few changes. The suggested  notions for the top and shorts stated to use 1.5 to 2 inch lace trim with a scalloped edge. While I do have some lace trim, I didn't have any black. I did, however have some scalloped edge lace trim but it was not quite wide enough. So, I did my own thing!

My lace trim on the shorts is probably about 1inch wide and I did not use a scalloped edge for the front of the top, as suggested in the instructions. I pretty happy about the fit. When I am sleeping, I don't like to feel "restricted." I have enough movement in these pajamas in case I want to toss and turn at night. The fabric feels really good on my skin too!
If you hadn't noticed, I'm quite a small(er) busted gal. Fortunately I did not have to do a SBA, or any other adjustments for that matter. (Maybe I'm growing!) No wardrobe malfunctions here. The insides are all serged and if you are wondering about the bust, it is fully lined with poly lining.
I am very happy to add this ensemble to my growing intimates collection. It's cute, sexy and fun all at the same time. Give this pattern a try. There are other views that I may try in the future.

Until next time

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