Friday, March 13, 2015

Cascade Jacket

Finally..... I present to you my Cascade Jacket. This has been finished for about 2 weeks now, but before the big reveal, I have some other big news.....


Its a Samsung Smart Camera. I love it to pieces already. If I'm gonna have a blog, I need to grow up past taking selfies with my smart phone. It's pretty easy to use and I can even link it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and use my phone as a wireless remote in the event that I do not have camera man (woman). And speaking of which, my husband and children took the pics for my cascade jacket this afternoon, and they did an "ok" job but it could be better (*disclaimer*).

So, if anyone out there lives in the Chicago know where this is going.

Anywho, here she is.

I so hate this pic, but you gotta see the inside.

Pattern: Cascade Duffle Coat
Fabric: Red Wool/Poly Melton for exterior and cotton buffalo plaid for interior
Time spent: about a week (see below)

So here's the deets:

I used a Red Wool/Poly Melton blend from for the exterior and I can't remember where I bought the black and white buffalo plaid from. It's a cotton blend though. The only changes that I made was that I took about 2 inches off the bottom of the coat. It hits right at my upper thigh, just enough to cover my butt. I'm very short (5 foot 1) so it would have been super long on me. Construction from beginning to end took about 2 weeks but I so could have finished it in a week if I wouldn't have goofed up. 

So I started this jacket using some very cheap wool from Joann's. I had everything cut out, lining and all. Started constructing the exterior jacket and decided that the wool was too thin and cheap for my liking. I "put" everything away and quickly ordered the above fabric and waited for the mailman. When the new fabric came, I got started right away. When it came time for the lining, I couldn't find 3 of the pieces! In my defense there are about 40 pieces to this pattern??? I panicked in a big way. I usually buy pdf patterns, if they are offered, in which this one was offered as a pdf, but because of the sheer size of this project, I decided to purchase the paper version. What did I do, you ask? I re-bought the pattern in pdf version this time, just so I can get those 3 stupid pieces. Oh well. My sewing organization need improvement. I got crap everywhere and not to mention, I don't have a sewing room. The moral of the story is put your crap away properly until you need it.

I love the coat. It's warm and very cozy. I was fairly easy to sew. There's a sew-along going on at Grainline Studio, but I just simply followed the instructions included, which were excellent by the way. I would sew this again in the future but not any time soon.

Lastly, It's nearing the end of selfish sewing week and while I am in the lead as of right now, there is a special someone that is running right behind me. I've been watching it pretty closely and have been hounding my friends and family to continue to vote for me. But this particular young lady is hot on my trails. 
Elise @ Sunday Charm blog is my fiercest competition. Her submission for the contest is the Shoreline Boatneck top. It's very, very cute. I spent some time on her blog and just like me, she's a midwest girl and she's a great sewer. I wish her the best of luck. This was my first competition and it has been fun. 

See  you guys around.


  1. Beautiful coat, it looks great on you. I actually like the last picture the most :) and the lining you chose makes a great combination with the red fabric.


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