Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blue Belle

Hello guys. How are you? How's the weather where you are? 
Oh that's good. 

It's really....really....really hot here in Chicago. I'm talking 90 degree days with monstrous humidity. Ugh! And as a natural girl, my hair just can't take that. Enough small talk. I MADE A BLAZER. Yay!!!!!

Surprisingly my wardrobe was lacking a blazer. I had been dreaming up one for a while and finally decided to take the plunge. And me being the non-formal type of girl, I just couldn't bear to make anything that was too couture and fitted and all that stuff.

This pattern is from the Mimi G line: Simplicity 1167
I was a good ole' seamstress and made up a muslin, and it fitted right out of the envelope. No alterations needed ova here!!!

I chose to use a Gabardine Poly/Rayon blend that I found at Hancock Fabrics for the shell. There's a small story about the fabric(s) that I used for the inside. Wanna hear it? Ok.

So a few weeks ago I purchased some gorgeous silk Georgette polka dot fabric online. My intentions was to sew up a ruffle top by Burdastyle. Well.....anyone that has sewn a Burdastyle pattern knows what I'm about to say. I didn't turn out good at all. I had about a half a yard leftover that I just tucked away.


Anyways, fast forward to now, this blazer called for a very minimal amount for the lining; something like 3/8 yard, if I can remember. So while it sounds like I would have enough of this silk Georgette, sadly, I didn't. I was cut all wonky and stuff. I couldn't fit the back facing on there. So what did I do?

 I used two different types of fabrics for the inside. The silk was used for the sleeves only and I used a poly lining from JoAnn's for the neck facing and pockets.

Construction wise, I was quite an easy project, but I did follow Mimi G's sew along on YouTube, on a few parts. There is a really weird pleat-type thing near the shoulder panels. It hides under the lapels. Still can't quite figure out what the purpose of that is (head scratch).

See? You can't even see that pleaty thing!

This was my first time doing a back vent. Not sure why this made me super nervous because it was so easy. I think I knocked it outta the park. Don't you?

I love my blazer. And although I didn't love it while it was on my dressform, I think I will wear this on the next date night. Whenever that may be.

And lastly, I love sewing soooo much that I just couldn't resist:

Until next time


  1. Dave said 'such a cutie'. I really love this one.

  2. Your blazer turned out great. I'm struggling with this pattern because I can't get the "inset" right. I don't know its purpose or if it'll be seen on the jacket. Any tips?

    1. Hi Ronni. I'm sorry, I don't have any "direct" tips but from what I can remember MiMi G has a sewalong on her youtube channel for this blazer. I hope that helps.


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