Friday, September 4, 2015

Bruyere Anyone?

 What the heck am I doing?
                                Let me back up for a sec......

I entered a contest. Wow! I don't know if I'm even good enough for a contest yet, but I'll try anyway. 
I entered into Pattern Review's 2015 Sewing Bee. It's only round 1 right now and here are the requirements:

1. It has to be a blouse that uses shaping such as darts, gathers, pleats, etc
2. Closures required
3. Cannot be a pullover or wrap style blouse

4. Woven or stretch woven fabric only
5. Set in sleeves, with either long or short sleeves. No sleeveless entries allowed.

All of that needs to be completed in 1 week.


Well as stated in my last post, I had just recently gotten my Bruyere Shirt pattern from Deer and Doe.
It fits all the categories, so I gave it a go:

 So Bruyere Shirt is described as a tunic style button down with cinch waist shaping, darts and pleats. Sounds good to me!
Normally I will just cut straight from the pattern, but because this pattern came all the way from France, I took my time and traced off my size; thereby not cutting my original pattern at all. What a good little seamstress I am! I traced a size 38 for the bodice, yoke, sleeves and bottom skirt portions and a size 40 for the waist band. I knew that my waist is a tad bigger than the size chart and I was worried about fit, but it turns out, I actually had to trim off that extra 2 inches because it didn't fit and it was too big.

I think it turned out all right. I love the top. I'm currently working on my Fall wardrobe and this top/tunic fits perfectly in my plans. I used a 100% cotton Chambray that I actually found at JoAnn's. I bought it maybe...3 months ago and I've been holding on to it since then. I knew I wanted this pattern, but just never got around to ordering it. The pattern shipping time was about 1 week, which really surprised me. It came the very first day of the contest. So, I guess I kinda look at it like it was meant to be. 

 I love taking pictures. I mean... next to the finished product, the photo shoot part is my favorite.

I really wasn't hanging. Ha!

I french seamed every single stinkin' seam. Yes, I took forever, but yes, it look super awesome inside. A neat and tidy inside was crucial because we have to send pics of the inside. The only seam that I did not French was the sleeve heads. I have no idea to French seam that. Anyone?

I used a contrast color for the buttons. I found some brown colored buttons that are made of real coconuts... at least that's what the packaging says (shrug). The only changes that I made was to hide a mistake. For some reason, I couldn't figure out the buttons on the cuffs, so I messed it up and ended up hiding my mistake by putting 2 buttons and button holes on each sleeve cuff instead of just 1. I think it still looks nice.

I really do like this pic. It looks like I'm saying "What the hell...."

Well, wish me good luck. I'm off to submit my entry for Round 1. Hopefully I'll make to to round 2. If not, I have a totally awesome shirt to add to my collection of Me Mades.

Lastly, I cannot let another blog post go by without mentioning my uberly handsome husband. He's part of the reason why I'm into sewing as much as I am today. I bought me a really nice machine last year for my birthday and a dressform for my birthday this year, without me even asking for either one. Isn't he the best? And we just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary yesterday. Happy 10 year anniversary babe.

Wish me luck!
Until next time


  1. Love this blouse, it looks so awesome on you. You did an amazing job, hope you win the contest...;o}

  2. Thanks Renee. I hope I win too. And by the way, your name is not only totally awesome, it's my middle name too!

  3. Loving that top and your pictures are cute..

  4. Tonya, it looks awesome, and if you don't win that would be a shame.
    Love the blouse!


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