Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hello 70's

Hello friends! I am right on track with fulfilling my goals that I have set. 2 blog posts in 1 month!! YAY! Today I want to share my latest and greatest. I think each time I finish an item, it becomes my favorite. So I will call this my new favorite.

  Simplicity 2401. A pattern that I bought over a year ago online. I totally forgot that I had it, until a few weeks ago. It is described as a special occasion dress, however there are 4 different variations, and I chose the jumpsuit. It features a halter neckline, elastic back and wide legs. Sizing is from 6-22 and the pattern is out of print, however I believe that you can buy the pdf version on Simplicity's website. I would recommend this pattern for intermediate/advanced sewers, and here's why.....


I made the smallest size, size 6, and the top was still too big. It seems like an easy fix for any outsider, but no. The top is self lined. The seams are all enclosed in between the lining and there is a few rows of elastic in the back. You cannot "fit" the bodice until it is damn near finished and by that time, it would take waaaayyyy too much unpicking to fix. Unpicking that I was not going to do. So how did I fix it, you ask? Simple. I just too more out of the left side when attaching the invisible zipper. It still gapes a little but its totally wearable.  The elastic really doesn't do much for fitting either. I think its only there for design element. 

The other adjustment to this pattern that I made was to take about 4 inches out of the pants width. They were extremely too wide for me. I also took about 2 inches off the bodice bottom when attaching the bodice to the pants, which raised the crotch a bit. Perfect!

After all those adjustments, I am pretty happy about the fit. I would be a little happier if the bust was a tad smaller, but oh well.

The instructions were good. I made this suit out of some Rayon Challis, which I can't remember where I got it from. It's a little thin, so I have to remember to wear dark colored undergarments. It will be nice to wear to a formal type event in the spring or summer, if either of them ever get here. Today is Chicago, it was a whole 50 degrees out. So I had to take the opportunity to get some photos. I'm guessing that the next few pics will be inside pics until Spring. Come on Spring!

I took this photo inside earlier this week. I only kept this one because I love it. I'm starting to realize that black is really hard to photograph. I absolutely need natural light for black...note to self.

This jumpsuit is comfortable and stylish. Even though I was born in the early 80's, I feel like a 70's disco girl. Hence the failed aftro. My hair is natural and it's way too soft to get an afro, but I think the hair styling still goes with the outfit.

 Hope you like it, because I love it!

Until next time,

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