Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love from friends, family and that special person in your lives.

I try to sew each and every day. It's relaxing to me. Everything that I make does not always make it to this blog for various reasons. Sometimes, I don't think that an item is blog worthy or maybe I don't think that it's my best. This coat almost didn't make it here.

This lovely pea coat is Vogue 1467. I started this coat a few months ago. It sat and sat around with really only minimal finishing needed. I'm not thrilled about the coat, but it's not that bad. (more on that later)

This pattern is described as a loose-fitting, partially lined, double-breasted jacket has collar, collar band, shoulder pads, side-front and side-back seams, side-front pockets, back-neck patch, button belt, and two-piece sleeves. It is sized 6-22. I made a size 6, naturally with only 1 little change to the pattern. The pattern calls for a half lining. That made no sense to me, so I just lengthened the half lining to a full lining.

 I used some really nice 100% wool coating that I got from New Rainbow fabrics, here in Chicago. The fabric is pretty hefty; perfect for a pea coat. My only complaint is that it attracts tons of lent. I used some ambiance bemberg rayon for the lining, from JoAnn's.The buttons were also purchased at JoAnn's. For extra warmth, I underlined my coat with some red flannel fabric.

The pattern fit great right out of the package. This was my first ever Vogue pattern, so I wasn't really sure about the fit, but I have never been one to be afraid, so I dove in head first. (I got lucky!)

I love a classic pea coat. I have probably 4 of them in my closet. However, I don't consider this a classic coat. It's very boxy, and almost shapeless. And I'm not too thrilled with the collar.

Construction-wise, it was easy to me. Rachel over at House of Pinheiro did a sewalong, which I did not follow. I felt that instructions were pretty clear to me.

 Because this coat was sitting for a little bit, without buttons, I had zero interest in sewing them on. But, in following my goals for 2016, I decided late last night to just finish it. It was way too close to being done. Plus I heard that we were supposed to have snow today. Perfect photo op!

I do like the finished product, although I'm not quite sure that I will wear this coat too often. Maybe on special occasions. 

I think that there are plenty of other pea coat patterns out there that would be a better fit for what I'm looking for. All in all, I'm glad that I tackled my first Vogue pattern and finally finished it.

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  1. Great job! I hate how dark wool attracts lint too!!!!!

  2. Awesome job! It's stuff like these we ABSOLUTELY want to see on the blog!


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