Monday, February 22, 2016

Hot Little Black Dress

Hello friends. I'm back yet again, with another completed item. It feels like I'm pumping out 1 successful item each week, which is totally awesome.

Burda 6829 , hot off the sewing machine; and by "hot", I really mean hot, hot, hot.

So there's a little story that's behind this dress. I'll be 35 years old in April. Anyone that knows me, knows that my birthday is a big deal to me and even more this year because of the milestone year. So, I was at work last week looking for a party dress to wear for my birthday.
I'm going to Vegas baby!!!!!

And so, I came across Burda 6829 and fell in love. I already had the perfect fabric and I knew that I could whip it up in a few hours. So after work, off I went to get the pattern and a few hours later, I had this beauty.

So here are the deets; this pattern is described as a tight-fitting dress with gathered sides requires softly draping, stretchy fabrics. sleeveless or with sleeves. Size ranges 8-18. I obviously chose the sleeveless version, but in terms of sizing, I did a size 10 and graded to a 12 in the hips. I read other reviewers say that the dress is really form fitting, and as much as I love to look sexy, I don't do trashy.

According to the pattern, I should have done a size 8, but as I stated, I did a size 10/12 and I'm very happy with the fit. One thing to note is fabric choice is critical for the pattern. I chose a black, glitter knit from JoAnn's. This fabric is from their new Nicole Miller line. It's very stretchy and full of sparkles and glitter (I know you can't tell from the photos, but trust me; this stuff sparkles).
Another thing to note is the dress was way too long for me. I ended chopping off 8 inches on the actual pattern!!! And I'm only 5 foot 1 for reference.

I must say, the fabric is great. It has a good 4 way stretch, which I think helped with the pattern not being too tight on me. Other reviewers noted that they used fabrics with less stretch such as Ponte Knits.

Instructions were surprisingly easy; for a Burda pattern. I love the overall dress but there is one little thing that really bugs me. The pattern is drafted in 2 pieces for the left side, which have to be sewn together.....which creates a seam....which is visible on my dress and my fabric is!!!!
Maybe for version 2 I'll see if I can change that.

Another thing to note is the facing pieces. I think there are about 6 different facings! Oh My Goodness.
So for the armhole facings, I did ok. But the neckline, I probably did it 3 times before I got it right. I was tired, so maybe that's why my brain wasn't working that well.

Overall the fit is good. Not too tight, loose enough to dance and party in and still look young and hip (am I still cool?). I can't wait to take it to Vegas with me. I highly recommend this pattern. It's easy to follow and the results are stunning.

Until next time


  1. This is really cute on you, great job! I haven't done much Burda patterns, worth a try after reading your review..

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  3. That's wat I call a grown woman dress you did a great job on this one


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