Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hello Friends!!! Long time no hear from me.... But for very good reason (I promise!)


*Sigh*  McCall's 5525, oh how I love thee! Let me see... this jacket took me about 3-4 weeks to put together (sewing time) but it was a long, long time coming. As many of you know, or may not know, this pattern has been discontinued. I somehow came across it when I was searching for a good trench coat pattern sometime in January. I looked high and low for the pattern and could not find it. One day, I came across someone that was selling a copy of theirs on Etsy. Bam! I snatched it up real quick. The only problem was waiting time...She was in the UK. I waited 2 weeks and then it arrived. While waiting, I found some really cute tartan plaid that reminded me of the Burberry plaid print. So...I ordered that and waited 2 more weeks. Once I had everything, my stash and pattern sat for about a month. Then announced the Bargainista Fashionista contest.  So, my motivation came back and I got to work the first week in March. And here we are today....

 The pattern is described as a semi fitted, lined, double breasted trench coat. Sizing is 8-24. Alterations that I made...where do I start? I chopped off a crazy 7 inches off the bottom of this pattern. My muslin was almost to my ankles!! For reference I am only 5 foot 1. I also increased my seam allowances to 1.5 inches, especially at the waist. I wanted a more fitted jacket, although now looking at it, I could have taken it in a lot more. I also took 2 inches off the sleeve band and shortened the sleeves by 2 inches. I also did double top stitching all throughout the coat. I redrafted the pockets to make them bigger and redrafted the pocket flaps. Lastly I redrafted the back flap. For some reason, it was oddly off centered....

Just realized that my buttons are a bit off!

So for the contest, I had to create a garment that was inspired by a retail garment. I saw a really cute Burberry Trench online, but I certainly cannot afford the price tag. So..with the image in mind, I created my item:

  I really wanted to do buckles on my sleeve bands, but I opted out and instead created a buckle on the belt and added eyelets. Because my waist is so small, I didn't realize that I needed more eyelets to close it, so I'll add more later! In my opinion, I think my version is pretty close to the real deal. What do you think?

 Of course, anytime you wear a trench coat, the surprise is always what's on the inside. Like I said before, this lining reminded me so much of Burberry and I just had to have it.

 Last thing...I really, really wanted some cute rain boots to go along with my new coat. I found these boots:

But I did not like the $160 price tag. BOO!

So, if you take notice in my photos, I made my own version of those too. Cost: $50!!

And speaking of cost savings, in case you wanted to know, here is my cost savings breakdown of the coat:
3 yards of bottom weight cotton = $37.47
2.5 yards of cotton plaid lining = $25.00
11 buttons, belt buckle and eyelets = $15.00

Total material cost= $77.47

Burberry Trench coat $1,795

Savings $1,717.53
Percent Saved 95.68%

 I think saving $1,717.53 is well worth 3-4 weeks of sewing.

Until next time


  1. yours looks awesome!!! I am also currently working on a trench coat and oh boy, are they very time consuming!!!

  2. Nice job Latonya, very nice and you can't beat all that money you saved! lol!!

  3. Thank you so much for linking up at the Social Sew!! Your coat is SO gorgeous--I also lucked into a copy of this pattern and I'm looking forward to making it, everyone's versions I've seen are great. I have those rain boots pinned on pinterest, too, I didn't realize they were so expensive!

  4. Hi, i came over from AllieJ and so glad i did. Your coat is wonderful! I think it is better than the real deal! you did a wonderful job getting the fit right and the proportions are perfect for you! congrats!

  5. Wow, your coat is better than the inspiration!

  6. Wow, your coat is better than the inspiration!

  7. I've been dreaming of sewing my own trench for some time! Your post is superf helpful. Would you mind sharing exactly where you got the outer fabric? And, if you are done with the pattern, I will gladly take it off your hands :). I'm 5' even, so I will pretty much do the same adjustments!

    1. Thanks Chabe. Unfortunately, I'm still using this pattern. However, I can tell you that I used some bottom weight twill from JoAnn's for the shell of the coat.


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