Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Radio silent...

Hello friends. I know that it seems like I went radio silent, but I really haven't. I've been quite busy with sewing, mending, traveling, partying and being a matron of honor in a wedding. Here's a glimpse of the last month or so in my world... 
A good friend of mines' daughter went to prom earlier this month. She purchased a dress that was far too big, long etc...And of course she asked me to fix it.

It was a beautiful red sequined backless dress with a slight train, that was too big in the bust, straps and was far too long.

I added 2 darts to each side and "faded" them into the existing seam lines on the front of the dress. I also shortened each strap by about 1 inch and hand tacked them down with quilting thread. The dress was quite heavy and I was worried that regular thread would not hold up. I took about 3 inches off the length of the dress and lining.

The prom princess was quite happy with the fit. It fit her like a glove. She looked stunning!


I went to VEGAS!!!! On April 21st, I turned 35. I also took a weekend trip to Vegas to visit my sisters. We had a great time and I vowed to come back before the end of the year. Vegas is great but I kept finding myself comparing it to my wonderful city of Chicago. There really is no comparison.

We bought a new puppy!!! Meet Shadow. He is a Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier mix. He came from a really bad situation in Tennessee. His previous owner was a hoarder. When we adopted Shadow back in April, he was only 9 weeks old but he had cuts, scraps and scratches all over his head. He was not well taken care of at all. But he's a lucky pup! Now he's with us and we couldn't love him more. He's quite energetic and very smart.

We got him for our son and he loves him dearly.

Both of our daughters had milestone birthdays. The younger (light skinned) daughter turned 13 and our oldest daughter turned 16. Two teenagers in 1 house.... good Lord help us!

I was in a wedding. My sweet cousin got married about 2 weeks ago. I was her Matron of Honor, and boy was I proud of her. I love that girl dearly. It was a beautiful wedding and the bride was even more beautiful. As you can see...I straightened my hair for the wedding. I actually quite like it straight but I miss my curls more than anything else.

And last but not family reunion is in July. We have a big family. When people say that they have a big family, I don't quite think that they realize just how big my family is. Our reunions are every other year. They are well organized and there's usually about 200 people that attend. This year it's in Jackson, Mississippi and the theme for our banquet is all white. My aunt that is a seamstress suggested that we do a fashion show of handmade items. So.....of course me being me...I decided to make my husband, daughters, son and my own clothing for the banquet. This is a snippet of the linen blazer that I have made for my hubby. So for the next month or so, I'll be busy working on our all white collection so stay tuned....

So as you can see it's been a busy last month for me. But I've had tons of fun. As always thank you guys for reading and supporting my blog. I love all of  you.

Until next time

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