Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome Summer 2016

Hello friends. Long time no hear from me. I know, I know. As per the last post, I've been busy with my "white collection" for an upcoming banquet next month. I have really devoted all of my sewing time into getting all the pieces done by July 1st. I'm right on track tho. But in between all that white sewing, I managed to test a pattern for the lovely Heather Lou.

Heeeellllloooo Summer. My favorite time of the year and lately here in Chicago, it's been super hot (just how I like it!)

Meet Sophie Swimsuit. It's the latest pattern from Heather Lou over at Closet Case Files. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a pattern tester and boy-oh-boy am I ever grateful for that. I love this suit. The pattern is described as a 3 piece balconette cup with 2 separate views. View A is a one piece with an hourglass shape that will flatter any body and View B is a bra style halter with a high waisted bikini bottom

 I obviously choose to do View B. I don't think that I have ever owned a bikini (even in my teenage/early 20's). I've always been a little too shy about showing that much skin. And still, now that I'm in my 30's, I kinda feel like I shouldn't be wearing a 2 piece. I mean....I am a mom of 3 and a wife and it seems a bit inappropriate to me. I certainly don't have the body like I used to, even though in RTW clothing I'm a size 2. (even us petite girls have our body hang-ups). But......I got out of my comfort zone and did it anyways.

I like the high waisted bikini bottoms. They seem to be quite on trend at the moment, plus they give you just enough coverage. I don't have a butt at all, but... you know what I mean.

The balconette top is pretty awesome too. When I first saw the line drawings that Heather sent me, I could have sworn that she sent me the wrong pattern. It looked like a straight up bra. But then I read the intro and instructions and realized that the top is supposed to be like a bra. I had second thoughts yall.... But in the end, I think it all worked out nicely. I'm not gonna lie; I still feel like I'm wearing a bra, but it's totally comfortable and acceptable as long as it's made up in swimsuit fabric. LOL!  

The pattern gives you the option to line the cups with foam and underwire (which is highly recommended for the larger sizes). I, for one, am no where near a "larger size" so I choose no foam and no underwire. I just don't need the support for my B cup.

The pattern itself was super, super easy to put together. The balconette top comes in sizes 0-20 and 5 cup sizes per size (A- DD). 

The fit for me was very good. No changes at all. Heather's instructions were very clear and concise. I think that an adventurous beginner can tackle this with no problem. View B uses very, very little fabric. I had originally planned to use this fabric for another bombshell. I had it cut out and it was sitting for about 3 months until Sophie came my way. I literally used the scraps from that to put this together. I think it worked!

If you are thinking about picking this pattern up, Heather has some kits on sale right now, which is great because it includes everything that you need (especially the foam, which can sometimes be hard to source). She also has graciously offered an online workshop that will walk you though step by step on construction of this pattern. 

I want to make up another Sophie, except, next time I'll probably make the one piece. For now, this cute little retro 2 piece will sit around until I gather the courage to wear it at a pool or public place that's not my backyard.

Sophie swimsuit is soooooo versatile that you can even play volleyball in it!

Ha ha ha

The link for the online workshop is here. It's 20% off right now, so jump on it!

I may not look like a beach babe or a Victoria Secret model, but I sure had fun with this photoshoot.


Until next time


  1. Sew Cute!!! I love the pink Gingham!! I'm making a blue gingham dress for the 4th of July!!

    1. Thank you Tanielle. And Thanks for supporting my blog!

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  3. Love this, Tonya! The gingham is adorable. I think I'll have to tackle this pattern :)

  4. So cute! You nailed it. You rock a two piece, girl. Glad I discovered your blog from the link up over at Allie J.

  5. Great job! I love your fabric choice!


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