Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Art Deco

Hey friends. The time has finally come for me to reveal my first make for the Fabric Mart Challenge.

This week's challenge was called "Same Fabric, Different Look." We all received 3 yards of sweater knit fabric and we could make anything we wanted.

Here is what I came up with:

Fall is here. Time for football games, changing leaves and cooler weather. When I think of Fall, I think sweaters. A girl can never have too many! I wanted to make something big with this fabric. The pattern of this fabric is so big and bold and I did not want to lose any of that. I also wanted to do something cozy yet ultra feminine. I do not currently own any sweater coats, so I jumped on the opportunity to make one for my first challenge. I used McCalls 7262 for this sweater coat.

This was a challenge for me in other ways. I'm usually a monochromatic type of girl; solid colors only, etc... So this fabric was way out of my comfort zone. But it all worked out.

Since this is a draped sweater coat, I was worried that the "fit" of the garment would not show. I am a petite girl and I usually have to make quite a few adjustments to all my patterns. However, not so much with this one. I took 2 inches out of each side seam because I was swimming in this coat. I also took 3 inches off the bottom to shorten the length. I wanted to keep the draped look of the coat without looking like it was too big on me, even though I cut the smallest size.


Before I cut into this fabric, I needed to decide if I wanted the colors to match up at the seams. The fabric is so geometric and free that I felt that I should continue with the free flowing geometric 70's vibe. I think that by not color matching the seams, it really gives it the drapey, flowy look that I was going for. I also wanted to break up all the colors of the sweater, so I decided to contrast the sleeves with a plain black knit fabric. It has the appearance that I am wearing a black undershirt with a short sleeved sweater, when really, it is all one sleeve piece. I serged all my seams on the inside. Making sure that the inside is as neat as the outside is so important to me.

Sewing with sweater knits is very similar to sewing with any other kind of knit fabric. However, there are a few tips that I recommend to make sewing a little easier.

1. Use clear elastic to stablize shoulder seams. Using clear elastic on areas that may stretch out over time, such as shoulder seams, necklines or even armholes, will prevent stretching.


2.  You can press sweater knits. Use a good iron with a lot of steam, some pressing spray and a tailor's clapper. Don't have a tailor's clapper? I used a piece of wood that was broken off of my desk. It works just as good.

3. Prewash fabrics with proper detergent. I like to use Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash for all my sweater knits. It is a gentle cleanser. I not only prewash my sweater knits with Eucalan, I also hand wash my sweater knits with it too. I never, ever wash my sweater knits in the machine. Doing so, may stretch the fibers out of shape. last tip on sewing with sweater knits. Make sure you have a good manicure. Sweater knits tend to snag on poorly manicured finger nails. Trust happened to me more than I like to admit!

Now is the time to vote. Please follow this link to cast your vote for me. Also, remember you can follow along and post your makes to Fabric Mart's Instagram page. Just remember to use the hastag  #FabricistaFabricMart on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for your continued support.

Until Next time,


  1. I love the front closure and how this drapes at the front! It looks just great as a coat. I loved the drape of this fabric so much, and you used it really well. Good luck with the next challenge!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Your outfit was so, so cute.

  3. Had no idea you had a blog! Love it! Great stuff. You are sooo talented!!!


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