Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fabric Mart Challenge 2- Wild Thang

 Hey friends. Are you guys having a great week? 

It's that time of the week again; Fabric Mart Fabricista's Challenge #2. Thankfully I made it through to the next round, but I have to say, I was very, very unsure. The other ladies are bringing their A game! So I have to step it up a bit too. 

This weeks challenge was to make a trench coat. Let me just say that when I saw the next challenge, I almost fell out of my seat. I literally just finished a trench a few months back ( see this post). But a challenge is a challenge. I really didn't want to make the same pattern again, but there seems to be a shortage of trench coat patterns out there...hmmm....

With only a few days to complete it, I pulled out the old trusty McCalls 5525. I've made it before, I know how it fits and I really could have made it in my sleep. With that being said, it still was a tough challenge, time-wise.

 I was able to complete this trench coat is just 4 days!!! But...I worked day and night all four days. I made the same changes as before.

 Can you see the difference?

 This trench coat is to represent my personality. After thinking about that a bit, I realized that my readers really don't know much about my personality. So here's my introduction after the fact:  My name is LaTonya, however I much prefer to be called Tonya.  And that takes me to the inside of my trench:

I used a poly lining from JoAnn's. The zebra print represents me stepping outside my norm. Every part of me wanted to pick a solid black but I decided to live life on the wild side for a change.

Fit –  I wanted a slimmer-looking jacket, so I took 7 inches off the length (so my jacket could hit right above my knees), took 2 inches off the sleeve and sleeve bands, redrafted pockets and the pocket flaps, and I increased the seam allowance to 2 full inches each for an even more slimmer look. Because I slimmed out the whole jacket, I also decreased the size of the lapels and redrafted the back flap. The original back flap would have looked too big on this smaller jacket.

Craftsmanship - I wanted my jacket to have a more "high end" appearance, therefore, I double top stitched every seam. I also top stitched the whole pocket flap to give the jacket just a little bit of texture. I also added bias tape the the inside facing piece. I hand stitched the sleeve lining because I did not like the way it looked with top stitching. I originally added black buttons to the jacket to bring out the black that was on the inside lining, but I quickly changed them to the crystal buttons. It just looks better with the bling buttons!


Overall Execution - I love the changes that I made to the pattern. It is a very classic trench coat with a lot of little details to make it personal to my style and taste. I am a minimalist classic type girl with just a little bit of bling. I do like to be noticed, but I don't want to be the center of attention. Some may call me boring, but I call me "classic"! This trench coat really resembles who I am. I added the crystal buttons for just a hint of bling and the zebra lining for fun. But the overall feel and look of the trench is very, very classic.

This trench coat is a nice transitional piece from Fall to Winter and also from Winter into Spring. With the weight of the fabric, it will keep me warm and trendy at the same time!

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  1. Tonya you did a beautiful job. I love this red on you, and the studs sparkle so well against it. Very classic, and if I knew you more, I would say this trench looks just like you!

  2. Did. Did. DONE!

    I am loving it!! All the details make it perfect!!!!!!

  3. That red is killer on you! And I'm glad you went with the zebra lining. I think it really adds a lot of fun. It's very well made and has so many great little details.

  4. That red is killer on you! And I'm glad you went with the zebra lining. I think it really adds a lot of fun. It's very well made and has so many great little details.


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