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Fabricista Challenge Week 4 - Runway

Hey friends. So here we are; week 4 of the Fabric Mart Fabricista Challenge. I made it all the way to the top three (I made it mom!!!) I'm super excited and very proud of myself. This competition has really been an emotional rollercoaster for me. There were many times where my faith in myself was tested; many tears, but overall lots of joy and happiness. But I made it to the end. My inital goal was to make it to the top 3, and I achieved that. There is a first place, second place and third place, but in my eyes, I am already a winner. I accomplished and learned so much of myself with this contest and for that I am extremely greatful. But enough about that. On to the fun stuff....

This final week of the challenge was to find my inner designer. I have only been sewing seriously for about 2 years now and I have not even begun to start making my own designs or draping on a dressform, so I knew this was going to be a challenge for me. But I prevailed. I had to select a designer that I was most inspired by and create a total look that would fit into their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The design must fit into my lifestyle.

I chose a designer named Roland Mouret. He is a french fashion designer based out of Lourdes, France. His style is clean lines, black and whites and drapey fabrics. I chose him for a few reasons; first he is not as well known (at least not to me) as the other big name designers. Also when I looked through his collection, I noticed that I could see myself wearing each and every piece that he has designed. As I stated before, I wear a lot of black and white. It's very classic and you really can never go wrong with it. For Roland's Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, he showcased quite cut out shoulder-type tops and dresses.
I love this style of top and its been in my sewing queue for a while now. So I went for it.
I made a cold shoulder top and matching pencil pants.

 I used an Indie pattern for the top. The pattern is called Chloe dress/top by Lilysageandco on etsy. The pattern is beautifully drafted with options for a cold shoulder top or dress. I obviously chose to do the top. The pants are Burda 7123. Let's talk about each piece individually.

Cold Shoulder Top:

Creativity-As stated before Roland Mouret designs in a lot of black and white. Many of his Fall designs feature a cut out shoulder, which is similar to this  cold shoulder top that I made. Because I wanted to showcase the drape of this top, I chose rayon challis. I think that it flows so well in a top made like this. Cold shoulder tops are usually drapey and sometimes imitates that the top is almost falling off (which we know isn't the case). 
Wearability- I created a garment that definitely fit my lifestyle. I do go to social outings from time to time and I believe that this top works well when going out with girlfriends or even on a date with my husband. It is very versatile.
Fit- I sewed a size small, which is perfect for me. I did not have to do any fit adjustments to this top at all. The top is meant to be flowy and free and I believe that I achieved that.

Craftsmanship- The top features bias bound neckline, shoulders and back neckline. The inside seams are all serged. Because this is a "designer" challenge, I wanted to try my hand at some simple design changes. The original pattern is meant to be a straight hem, however I knew that I wanted to wear this top with high waisted pants, so I changed the hem to be asymmetrical. The other change that I made was to the back of the top. The front and back pieces are originally supposed to be cut on the fold; however, I cut the front on the fold and the back in 2 pieces. I wanted a backless look to my top so I also cut the back seam on an inverted "V". Doing this allowed the top to flow more freely and successfully achieve a backless look. The final change to the pattern was the change in my sleeves. The original sleeve was a 3/4 length sleeve. I lengthened the sleeve and gave it more of a "bell look". Once I was done with the top, I felt that it needed more. I had some studs left over from my previous make, so I attached those for just a little bit of bling.


Creativity- Looking through Roland Mouret's different collections, I noticed that he designs quite a few fitted trousers. I wanted to recreate a pair of trousers that was cohesive with my top. I felt that if I have such a flowy top, I really needed to create a pair of trousers that were more fitted, and definately high waisted and black.
Wearability- Who doesn't need a great pair of trousers? Black trousers can be paired with just about everything and you can go anywhere in them!
Fit- Pants are tough! I knew that I had some challenges with pants fitting from my previous makes so I took my time with these pants. My first obstacle was choosing a fabric that was easy to work with and that kept the shape that I was looking for. I chose a cotton sateen, which turned out to be perfect because it has just the right amount of stretch. I raised the front crotch by 1/2 inch and the back crotch by 1 full inch. I also took a 1/4 wedge out of the waistband. Lastly I took about an inch out of each side seam in order to give that form fitting leg that I was looking for.
Craftsmanship- The pattern called for a simple zipper, however I changed that and chose to put in an invisible zipper. I also did a simple turn a stitch hem at the bottom. No topstitching was necessary.

All in all the whole design fits well with my chosen designers collection. It's wearable and it completely me. As a side note, I looked at a few other collections from the Fall 2016 shows and I noticed that choker necklaces are pretty popular this Fall. When I am sewing a garment, I am also thinking about what items I have in my wardrobe that goes well with my garment. I think about shoes, purses and accessories. I think that putting all these items together really bring out the best in your handmade wardrobe!

I thank you all for your continued support. It means a great deal to me. Please go vote now for your favorite look.

Until next time


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  1. Congratulations making it through! I love how your pants turned out. I have many of the same issues with pants, so I know the struggle! They're a really cute shape on you. Good luck in the voting! You've sewn so well over the course of the whole contest!


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