Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Goodnight/Good day

Hello friends! I hope you guys are having a great week so far.

It's pretty unusual for me to blog or take pics in the middle of the week like this, but I have far too many finished projects that I need to put on my blog and I'm kinda getting behind in my blogging. So that's the reason behind today's blog post.

For 2017, I made a mental note that I not only needed to spice up my casual wardrobe, I also need to spice up my intimates wardrobe. A few weeks ago, I posted a bra and panties set that I made and since then I have probably made....hmmm...maybe 6 or 7 more bras (?) Not all of them will be blogged about (sorry). Anyways, I am infamous for wearing just a basic t-shirt to bed. I'm a mom and I still work full time so being comfy usually takes precedence over being cute or sexy. But while in JoAnn's one day, I saw a really cute print that I couldn't pass up.
 So have you ever been in a fabric store and saw a certain fabric and immediately knew a pattern that would fit that fabric? That was me! The pattern is Vogue 8888 view C and shorts are view F. The fabric is a pink and black, poly/ silky fabric. I have no idea what exactly it is but I can tell you that I must have some spandex in it. My favorite color is pink and I'm a secret lover of polka dots.
The pattern itself was pretty straightforward. I cut a size 6 in the top and a size 8 for the shorts. So, in comparison to the pattern envelope and the instructions, I did make a few changes. The suggested  notions for the top and shorts stated to use 1.5 to 2 inch lace trim with a scalloped edge. While I do have some lace trim, I didn't have any black. I did, however have some scalloped edge lace trim but it was not quite wide enough. So, I did my own thing!

My lace trim on the shorts is probably about 1inch wide and I did not use a scalloped edge for the front of the top, as suggested in the instructions. I pretty happy about the fit. When I am sleeping, I don't like to feel "restricted." I have enough movement in these pajamas in case I want to toss and turn at night. The fabric feels really good on my skin too!
If you hadn't noticed, I'm quite a small(er) busted gal. Fortunately I did not have to do a SBA, or any other adjustments for that matter. (Maybe I'm growing!) No wardrobe malfunctions here. The insides are all serged and if you are wondering about the bust, it is fully lined with poly lining.
I am very happy to add this ensemble to my growing intimates collection. It's cute, sexy and fun all at the same time. Give this pattern a try. There are other views that I may try in the future.

Until next time


  1. Beautiful boudoir set--makes lounging/bedtime special.

  2. nice job! I like the lace trim on the shorts!

  3. This set is sooo cute! I have this same pattern, but never made it up because it looked too formal (if there's such a thing as formal loungewear?). Seeing your PJs in this fabric and with some of the lace removed, it's so much more youthful and fun. I'm now inspired to try this pattern.

    1. Hey Olga! I wonder what "formal loungewear" looks like. I'll be watching for your next version.


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